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Find the right printer

Create MPS offers within minutes

Earn automatically from follow-on business

This is

Find the right printer

With our sales consultant you can compare the total costs of owernship (including ink / toner and service) of printers from 10 manufacturers.

Create and send MPS offers

With us, you can create an offer for Managed Print Services within minutes, which you can send to your customers right away.

Collect commission automatically

Your customer can accept the offer and close the MPS contract. You receive 4% commission over the entire contract period.

523 partners already participate in Germany.

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Your benefits at a glance

Just one tool for 10 manufacturers.

Start immediately without any training.

You do not need manufacturer authorization.

Recurring revenue over several years.

We organize repairs and the delivery of supplies.

You have a complete overview of your customers.

More revenue with less effort

The first online portal for Managed Print Services (MPS)

Printer Sales
  • The average purchase price of a printer - is €320 - at 8% margin you earn €25.60
  • Preparing an offer takes at least 15 minutes
Sale of supplies over 3 years
  • A printer needs about 8 consumables over - a period of 3 years
  • The average price of a consumable - is €72 - at 10% margin you earn €7.20
  • Making an offer requires at least 10 minutes
Create an MPS offer
  • an average total order value - is €1040 - at 4% margin you earn €41.60
  • To make an offer take max. 5 minutes
  • In the event of a technical problem, service is included

Always informed and a complete overview of all your customers

Your customers can ajust your offers

If your customer changes your offer - for example by replacing one printer model with another one, changing the support period or by adjusting the print volume - you will receive an e-mail with an updated link to your original offer and project.

So you can contact your customer and stay in touch with them.

The always inform you of their changes, if you would like.

Your customer orders MPS

When your customer adds your MPS offer to his shopping cart and orders a MPS contract, you will receive an email notification from us.

Your customer can have the printer delivered to you, so you can perform installation services and invoice your customer directly.

Your initial commission earned on printer sales and associated services are secured for you.

Your customer orders supplies

All orders of consumables, regardless of whether they were ordered manually by the customer or automatically by online management software, can be found within the partner area of your account.

Your follow-on sales commission for all consumables, accessories and supplies is secured.

The MPS contract expires

6 months before the end of the contract you will receive the first email from us to notify you thsat your customers MPS contract is expiring. Then, you will receive two further email notifications 3 months and 4 weeks before the contract ends.

So you can talk to your customer early and either recommend a new contract with new printers or recommend a new contract for their existing printers.

And naturally, there is commission if course.

Who provides services?

For every printer that we incorporate into an MPS contract, We buy and register an appropriate warranty extension from the respective manufacturer.

In the event of a technical problem, we inform the manufacturer and monitor the completion of any service ticket. Who carries out the service is ultimately, determined by the relevant manufacturer.

If you are authorized to carry out services for a manufacturer, we work towards making sure that you receive service calls.

Your account in the partner area

In our partner area, you have:

  • An overview of your customers
  • An overview of your MPS offers
  • An overview your customers with MPS contracts
  • A clear calculation and status of your commission
  • User admin of your account

Your follow-on sales commission for all consumables, accessories and supplies is secured.

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