Billing Models

There are different billing models for Managed Print Services contracts, and whatever model is suitable for you can not be answered without your requirements.

In general, it can be said that all cost components should be displayed transparently. An essential argument for MPS is the increased transparency into the overall costs, so this should also be reflected in the billing models.
By the way, the question of whether leasing or buying hardware and software - is not a point directly related to the billing model. Furthermore, a click-through price for a printed page is not a criterion for MPS.

The cost components in an MPS contract

Costs that are created from the start to the end of Managed Print Services can be broken down into 5 large components:

  • Devices and Options
  • Software and solutions
  • Services such as repair and supply of consumables (toner, ink, maintenance kits)
  • Roll-out, implementation, and ready to submit all components
  • Project costs, such as the management of the contract and the advice

It is clear from this division that not all cost components are suitable for leasing. Devices and options, as well as software and solutions, can be financed, so they can be leased. The other three cost components are services and do not belong in financing. In public administration, for example, this is not allowed under budgetary law.

Managed Print Services Abrechnungsmodelle

The "Services" cost component plays a special role because this block is highly consumable-dependent. How many technology inserts and toner cartridges or ink cartridges are required during the contract period depends directly on the consumption.

The cost component "Service" can be further subdivided into:

  • Repairing equipment and options
  • Restore or update software
  • Maintenance of the devices according to the manufacturer's maintenance intervals or proactive according to plan
  • Consumables, such as toner cartridges, ink cartridges, residual toner containers, and other components that can usually be changed by the user.

In the method of invoicing according to printed pages (via a click-through price), the MPS provider (supplier, service provider) is at a risk of disproportionately consuming consumables and conducting many service assignments and invoicing for pages are not consumed. For this reason, it is usually for you as a customer that take on a security provided by a supplier, which is at your expense.

We at favour to make costs completely transparent. For this reason, we will show you individual prices for hardware, service and consumables in detail on our MPS portal.

The price per page (price per A4 page) of all printers and MFP systems by the manufacturers HP, Canon, Epson, OKI, Kyocera, Ricoh, Brother, Xerox, Lexmark and Samsung, can be seen on our MPS portal as purely informative. If you switch the view, the print costs are shown correspondingly.

With you are always on the safe side and are offered complete transparency.

Here you can calculate and see the total costs for your printers:

Possible MPS billing models

We find again and again that in many offers for MPS only click prices (price for the printed A4 page) are to be found in which allegedly all cost blocks should be contained.
Here the quality criteria transparency and cost-effectiveness are already neglected in the development of managed print services, in the supply phase.


Knowing the cost of the individual blocks and their layouts is essential for the entire life-cycle of managed print services, from planning, through the offer phase, to ongoing operations.

The surcharge for an offer with the lowest all-in-click (price per A4 page, which includes all costs) for all printing systems with a predefined minimum volume (at least one, regardless of the number of actually printed pages but contractually agreed number of pages) is not automatically the surcharge based on the most economical offer. Thus, the decision for a particular billing model is based on a decision influenced by profitability and lays the foundations for the possibilities or limitations of further continuous optimization.

Cost efficiency:

The choice of the billing model determines whether it is possible to achieve a further reduction in costs with the same output volume during the term of a contract with appropriate measures.

For a page-based click-based process, the cost per page is fixed and cannot be changed. A cost reduction with the same output volume is not possible.

In a consumption-based process, the costs depend on consumption. Consumption, in turn, can be reduced by suitable measures, which can also reduce costs.

printer4you calculates on the basis of the actual consumption of all consumables and already in the offer phase we make you completely transparent to all cost blocks. Find the total cost of your printer .

In general, the market can distinguish between two different models of billing:

  • Page based » Click price for every page
    • All In Click with Minimum Volume and Folder Pages
    • All In Click without minimum volume
    • Base plus click with minimum volume and footer pages
    • Base plus click without minimum volume
  • Consumable based » Price per consumption
    • Fixed monthly rate and offsetting of excess or reduced consumption by time interval
    • Counting the consumable supplies and monthly billing according to unit prices, printer4you offers this fair and transparent method on the MPS portal

Here you can start your MPS project:

The following figure shows the page-based billing model, and all in click with minimum volume

Abrechnungsmodell All in Klick

The red areas represent the lower volume (unused minimum volume). Depending on the contract, a credit is created here, which is billed after a time interval & nbsp; or it is paid for but not delivered. The orange areas represent the following pages (additional consumption above the minimum volume). Additional costs arise according to the formula: Multiple pages * Follow-on click = additional costs.

The following figure shows the page-based billing model plus click:

Abrechnungsmodell Base Plus Klick

The line represents the base, which is the basic rate, which is usually the fee for the break-fix service and is calculated as a fixed amount (the orange area). The used clicks are calculated according to the actual number; (The red area).

The following figure shows the consumable based billing model:

Abrechnungsmodell verbrauchsbasiert

The monthly consumption is variable; in the presentation, the consumption decreases according to an initial increase. During the term, appropriate measures have been implemented to reduce consumption, which now have an impact.

Just take a look at how you can use printer4you to calculate and see the printing costs.

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