Managed Print Services (MPS) - Definition & Concept

The Definitions of Managed Print Services (MPS) are varied, but the result is simple and clear. You gain visibility and control over your printer, which will help you to save money and improve productivity in your business. Moreover, Managed Print Services software helps to increase security during the handling of your documents and data and reduces environmental impacts.

This is not all. We automatically delivery the right materials at the right time and in a timely manner. Our software checks your printers several times a day to see what consumables will be needed soon. It matters not whether you have different brands such as printers from HP, Canon, Epson, OKI, Kyocera, Ricoh, Brother, Xerox, Lexmark or Samsung.

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The printer4you portal is your central point of contact for all matters relating to your printer, so you can, for example, report errors around the clock, where thereafter we will ensure that a service technician quickly attends to your printer, so you can get printing again in no time.

In 3 Steps to Managed Print Services

  1. Determine the requirements for your new printer / multifunction device
  2. Choose a model
  3. Register your printer
Was sind MPS?

Why do you need Managed Print Services?

Did you know - assuming your business is similar to most companies – that 1% to 3% of your annual revenue is used to create documents? When your printer fleet isn't managed it might cost even more. Most businesses have no idea what the money is really used for. Therefore, Managed Print Services are so important to many businesses.

With the right Managed Print Services concept you gain control over your printers and printing costs, and enjoy many more benefits. With MPS, you reduce your paper usage and lower your energy consumption, which adds to protect the environment. And if you and your MPS providers do not stop at the printers, copiers and MFP systems per se, but include the work processes of your employees in the optimization consideration, then you gain significant productivity gains, and add an increased level of security to your documents and data.

Several MPS software solutions help to break down the cost to you, to protect the confidentiality of documents, to allow you to print at any time, to route print jobs where it makes economic sense via the optimum printers, archive documents that are quickly found again, or enable predefined work-flows to be edited and optimized.

Managed Print Services lower your costs, manage your documents, from creation to archival, and ensures added security.

MPS gives you these advantages

Cost savings

  • You gain visibility and control over your printing environment

For your wallet

  • Reduce the costs of toner, ink and other consumables
  • Reduce paper and power consumption
  • You can save on storing toner and ink for yourself

For your employees

  • Increase the productivity of your employees
  • You lower requests on the helpdesk staff
  • You reduce the workload on your purchasing department

For your security

  • You employ security for the information in your documents

For all of us

  • You protect our environment

Vorteile von MPS

Here you can start your MPS project:

The process of Managed Print Services

It starts with an assessment. Based on an analysis of your entire printer environment and all aspects of your printer environment, you get to know your current situation. You will learn how your printer will be used, by whom and to do what, what this will cost and where vulnerabilities in your company are.

Either at the same time or before or shortly after the analysis, you define your goals that are to be supported with an MPS project. In addition to reducing the cost of printing, you are likely to have concrete ideas of what you want to accomplish otherwise. Here is where we can. If you learn everything about your printer by using software solutions, you will quickly find the areas of your business that you can improve.

When the current situation and the objectives are determined, a concept has to be realized. The concept is created by the MPS service provider, who should have a lot of experience because MPS is demanding and complex.

The target concept includes the optimization of the printing environment incl. all software solutions required for your business. It can include all or a portion of your existing printers, copiers and MFP systems as a complement to new printing systems or the replacement of all legacy systems by adding new printers and multifunctional printers (MFPs).

Managed Print Services

When considering your workflow and printing volume, MFP systems select the most economical and viable printer, thereby enabling you to reach the achieve high productivity in the workplace and the allocation of printing assets to the right people at the right time.

Depending on what your goals are, software can help to ensure that printing costs are assigned to the person or department who must pay this cost, print jobs can also be designated to be printed on suitable material via cost-effective printers, and furthermore documents in your company or in another organisation you send them to remain confidential and secure.

If the actual situation and the objectives are fixed, the target concept must be developed. The MPS service provider should have a lot of experience here because MPS is sophisticated and complex.

The target concept is the optimized printer landscape including all software solutions for your company. It can include all or a part of your existing printers, copiers and MFP systems, be in addition to new printing systems, or facilitate the exchange of all legacy systems for new printers and multifunctional systems (MFP).

In keeping with your workflows and the volume of print, it will place the most economically viable printers at the right places in your organization to help you achieve the highest productivity for your employees

Depending on what your objectives are, software will help you to pinpoint any cost blow outs in the future, designate print jobs to the most appropriate and cost-effective printer, and guarantee that the documents in your company remain confidential.

Der MPS Prozess

We recommend that you use MPS Fleet Management Software which communicates directly with your printers over an encrypted secure connection and automatically takes care of the delivery of supplies. Naturally, by using a good MPS tool, you can choose administration and security rights, so that you will always be in control. This is how you free up time for your employees, who can take care of more important tasks rather than manually ordering new ink and toner cartridges. You can be sure that any ordered material will arrive when needed and in a timely manner.

The custom-made target concept should convince you. It is provided to you by the person that created it, so that you have the opportunity and time to ask questions. Don\'t be impressed by marketing phrases and insist on understanding everything and to get answers to all of your questions. It is about your money!

Assessments and target concepts can be carried out or created by consulting companies or by MPS providers (service providers). Both have advantages and disadvantages. Consulting firms are independent, which is the reason a lot of companies collaborate with consulting companies. MPS providers have the know-how and take account of their own experience, so that there will be no surprises in store for you during or after the MPS contract term.

After accepting a target concept the implementation phase starts. What is specified in the target concept will be implemented, developed and introduced. Legacy systems are downgraded or replaced. New systems will be built and connected to the network. Software will be installed and configured. Finally, the users are trained. According to the size of the project, this can take as little as a day, but can extend to a few months. If the MPS project extends across various locations, a lot of appointments have to be arranged and many things have to be organized. That takes time.

If everything is completed and live operation possible, the real operation and therefore the duration of the MPS contract begins. You will work with powerful and versatile printers and multifunction systems. If everything works well and as expected, you will not notice much, except that your devices work well without interruptions, and that you, as opposed to previously, use less paper and spend less money.

Here you can start your MPS project:

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