Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

The Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is the sum of all costs related to the purchase of an asset (such as a printer), its use and, where applicable, disposal.

Calculate the Total Cost of Ownership helps you make purchase decisions for a new printer, which are no longer dependent solely on the price of the printer, but are instead based on the total cost of ownership for the duration of the usage for the product of choice.

Most companies make their choice for a printer model based on the price of the device and few technical features, such as the print speed and the paper capacity. As a result of our many years' experience, we believe it is more important to know the total cost of ownership (TCO) of each printer model over the period of the planned use (depending on your usage requirements) before you make a purchase decision.

Perhaps you'll be surprised to learn that the price for the printer is only a small part of the total cost.

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Develop an awareness of the overall printing costs

Over a lifetime of a printer, less than 25% of the total printing costs are attributable to the cost of acquisition. More than 75% of all costs are spent on the supplies, the service and the maintenance, which are the true cost-drivers. calculates your Total Cost of Ownership in real-time, which means you will pay for a particular printer model over the term you choose. So you can make a smart and informed purchase decision.

Here you can calculate the TCO for your printer:

Develop a sensible print strategy

Having an overall strategy for your office printing is better than just solving individual printer problems or doing something on an individual basis. So you're more likely to have cost overruns than to get them under control.

Together with, we'll identify the printing needs in your organization, and then begin to create a plan that you will be aiming for in the future. You'll be able to choose and buy printers, copiers and MFP systems for your business as needed. This gives you a solid foundation for a cost-effective and cost-transparent printer infrastructure that optimizes your business processes. You can extend existing print systems internally in such a way that they are used in places where they are most effectively utilized. If necessary, add new printers or multi-functional systems.

New, networked multi-functional systems have spread enormously in recent years. They incorporate management features such as and for e.g. online interfaces, advanced security settings, new user features that make a working day easier, and more and more opportunities to support and optimize your business processes. Just try our Online Management Tool , which will help you to purchase or the user help desk to avoid manual work.

Developing and implementing a print strategy together with will allow you to get a modern printer landscape over time, with fewer devices and significantly improved functionalities. Remember, cheaper is not necessarily better and ultimately can be more expensive.

The right printer infrastructure - who decides?

In a Managed Print Services (MPS) environment, we recommend combining purchase decisions for new printers. It is completely irrelevant who makes the decision - whether the IT department, purchasing or facility management. More importantly, the decision is based on your printer strategy, your plan, and takes into account the requirements of your organization.

To avoid duplicate purchases and the purchase of expensive over capacity, it is vitally important to centralize purchasing, in a department, or with a person. You may have already experienced or heard that the purchasing department bought a new multifunctional copier and that the IT department already bought a new multifunctional printer and that now both devices have been made accessible to the same users.

The best shopping decisions are made when:

  1. You are aware of the printer's total operating costs
  2. Decide on procurement centrally
  3. Your decision is based on a total printer strategy and not on a single case
  4. Take your old printer out of operation before it has a negative impact on your employees' effectiveness.
Total Cost of Ownership

Keep the TCO under control with our free online management

Nothing is worse than a once-optimized printer environment that can not withstand the rapid development and growth of companies. Monitoring Tool is the right tool to optimize your printer landscape on a regular basis . Printers that are less busy and thus unnecessarily expensive, or printers that often fail, can be found for you and we can correct your printer environment. This allows you to implement printer models internally, shut down or purchase new models, and to use more powerful and more cost-effective printer / MFP systems.

Our portal is freely usable at any time. Sometimes it can be very satisfying to reduce the printing costs of your company in a relaxed way and to improve the working conditions for the users.

Now optimize the TCO of your printer landscape:

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