Guest Printing

The challenge

Companies, organizations (e.g. universities) and cooperative workplaces, which provide facilities for many freelance workers, have introduced a Bring Your Own Device , or BYOD program. Many visitors or users who are not part of the managed IT infrastructure, such as students or trainers, are faced with the same challenge: they want to enable users and devices (that they do not manage themselves) to print, while maintaining full control over who prints on what printers, as well as to have an overview of printers, users and associated costs. Perhaps the cost of printing is charged directly to the users. And in all of this, the administration effort should of course be as low as possible.

Mobile Printing

The solution: Cloud Printing

Cloud Printing is ideal for these applications. If the cloud printing system is independent of the end devices and printer models used, it is also the best choice for printing with Macs, tablets and smart-phones. ThinPrint Cloud Services offers a solution that meets all these requirements.

Flexible printing with ThinPrint Cloud Services

With ThinPrint Cloud Services, you can move print management to the cloud, allowing remote users or devices without access to your IT to easily control your printers.

Easy management

The ThinPrint Cloud services are easy to use and do not require any additional hardware. Printers can easily be connected to the ThinPrint Cloud Services and then conveniently managed. Creating a user group and assigning this printer is already done in a minute. Likewise, you can assign new users to this group - e.g. Guests with only three clicks to a "guest" group or freelancer to a "Building A" or a group "Marketing". It is equally easy to determine what the user is allowed to print, ie which printers, paper formats and functions are available to him. You can even upload the user via his email address.

SImple execution for users

The user logs in with his / her email address, determines a password and can immediately print via a web portal without having to install anything (for example, a printer driver) on his / her device. It can be accessed from any terminal with a web browser. In addition, zero-configuration apps for Android, iOS, Mac OSX, and Windows, are available to allow for printing directly from applications. In addition, the user can search for functions, set favourites, and get an overview of all their print jobs.

Full overview and easy billing

Cloud printing operators have a full overview at all times: they see all users, printers and settings at a glance, as well as who has printed where and how many pages in black / white or colour. They also displaye when printers are offline or toner levels are low. With just a few clicks, you can determine how many black and white pages and colour pages a user prints per day / week / month for free and how much additional cost per page might be incurred. Users can buy credits online, so operators do not have to worry about the billing.

Security for all print data

The security of the print data is provided, among other things, with SSL encryption during transmission. The user can trigger print jobs at any time from anywhere and output the jobs at the same time or later on when he is at the printer. This ensures that printouts do not fall into the wrong hands. After successful printing the print data will be immediately deleted from the queue.

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