Online print management reporting and statistics

Use pro-active methods to head off cost increases or potential problems

Find solutions before costs increase or before a problem develops.

Frequently failing printers, scarcely used MFP systems or many printouts on devices with expensive page prices, we show you the weak points and optimization possibilities in your company.

Exceptionally priced printing equipment, which is little used, has a huge high price per page impact.

Overused printers that have high costs can be expensive as the consumables must be replaced often. This adjustment can be implemented internally so that your overall printing costs decrease!

Older printer models, which entail high costs for the consumables, may be replaced by new systems, which are much more cost-effective, so that you can achieve "bottom line" savings despite the new purchase price for the hardware.

Lösungen finden, bevor die Kosten steigen oder Problem entstehen
Auswertung und Statistik inklusive

Evaluation and statistics

Our analysis show you ways to reduce your printing costs.

And our statistics will bring you transparency that you will learn to love and appreciate.

Don't you want to take advantage of the benefits right away and stop wasting time?

Just download the client software here, follow the installation wizard and you can get started!

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