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Here you will find frequently asked questions from our customer's point of view. A lot more questions and answers for partners can also be located here.


Yes and no. You can buy products from us like in any other online shop, but we offer a lot more than that. We are the first B2B portal where you can buy printers including a full service contract (MPS) and yours Printer - on request - automatically supplied with supplies or consumables.

In addition, you can rent laptops, tablets, monitors, scanners and many other IT products immediately and online.
Regardless of what you order, when the order reaches us by or before 2 pm, you usually receive your goods during the next working day.

The same applies to the automatic ordering of new consumables via our Online Management.
A normal purchase is managed the same as in other online shops- we offer all the usual payment methods - which you can view details of here.

If you want to rent a product, you can choose between SEPA LAstschrift, credit card subscription or PayPal subscription. The monthly fees will then be charged to your account, the selected credit card, or your PayPal account for the appropriate period.

If you have not concluded a full-service contract and have ink or toner ordered fully automatically using the online management, you can pay for them using the “purchase on account” payment method.

Printer All Inclusive packages

Yes, you can choose between 12, 24 or 36 months when ordering.
No, insofar as you have settled all monthly fees and other claims from us under the contract, ownership of the device passes to you free of third-party rights. The printer is then completely yours. You can also send the printer back to us.
No, the contract ends automatically. The printer is then yours and you can continue printing undisturbed.
We only offer new printers and multifunction devices.
Yes, private individuals are not excluded from the program.
Yes, resellers can use or sublet the printer themselves.
Regardless of what you order, if the order reaches us by 2 p.m., you will usually receive your goods the next working day. The same applies to automatic orders for new consumables via our Online Management.
You can choose to pay the monthly fees with a credit card subscription, PayPal subscription or SEPA direct debit. Simply select the payment method you want when ordering.
Yes, please contact our customer service. If you find that you have ordered a package that is too large, for example, we will change your contract to a smaller, suitable package.
We always check how many pages you have printed after 3 months. If you print more pages and exceed the available package volume in a quarter, the additional pages will be recalculated according to the agreed prices per page. You will receive a detailed and transparent statement from us.
If you do not use the selected parcel volume in one quarter, we will automatically carry the unused parcel volume forward to the next quarter. So you don’t give anything away.
No, you are using the printer as part of the all-inclusive package. At the end of the contract period, we will give you the printer for free if you want to keep it and not give it back.
No, in contrast to classic leasing, you automatically acquire ownership of the printer as soon as the contract period has expired.
Yes, all fees are immediately deductible business expenses.
If you do not use our client software and we cannot read out the meter readings from your printer automatically, you are obliged to cooperate.
No, in this case you will receive an email after 3 months of the contract period with the request to disclose the meter readings, which you can enter via a link provided in the customer portal after two weeks at the latest or via email.
Yes, you can install and use options, extensions etc. in our printers if they are handled properly in accordance with the instructions of the respective manufacturer.


Please report the defective printer here as having malfunctioned, and our service engineers will then contact you right away. As a rule, we repair the defective device on the next working day.

Of course you can also call us during business hours and report the error by telephone. You can find our contact details here.
As a rule, we repair the defective device on the next working day.
A contractually guaranteed restoration service period is not defined in our full-service contracts. You can be sure that we will repair defective devices on the next working day or the subsequent one.
Printers that you purchase with a full-service contract (MPS) are covered by the respective manufacturer's warranty extension, so we use the service network of the printer manufacturers. You can be sure that trained and authorized service technicians will repair your faulty printer. The service partners of the manufacturers are also our service partners, so we work not only with the printer manufacturers, but also closely with service partners.
If you buy the printer incl. MPS, you'll get a full service contract for 12, 24, 36, 48 or 60 months. We will repair or replace the defective unit during the entire period of your choice. You will not incur any additional costs and you will get a reliable service partner with us.

If your defective printer has no MPS contract with printer4you.com, we carry out the repair according to our price list.
You can quickly and easily report a fault by clicking on the red service button on the left side of the screen. If you have an MPS contract with us or use our Online Management you will find your faulty printer immediately, and we can provide you with very detailed information. If our system does not yet know your printer, the fault message is just as fast and easy. Some malfunctions can be detected automatically by our online management, and depending on the configuration in your customer area, you will be informed about errors via e-mail.

Of course you can also call us during our business hours and report the error by telephone. You can find our contact details here.
Of course, you can reach us Monday to Friday from 9am to 4pm. You can find our contact details here.

Online Management

You minimize downtime because you can detect and report malfunctions immediately. You save printing costs because your printers only order what they really need and you can almost do without your own storage. This is the basis for optimizing your printer landscape, because you can use the statistics and evaluation tools to recognize the cost creators in your company. You can find out more here.
Nothing at all, the use of all features is provided to you at no obligation and completely free.

You can download the client software for online management here and get started with it right away.
Yes, the use of all features is provided to you at no obligation and completely free.

You can download the client software for online management here and get started with it right away.
A small component of software (the client) that you install on your network sends us information about your printers several times a day. The transferred data packets are transmitted encrypted. The client systematically checks monitored printing systems for information such as printer usage data, printer counts, toner levels, error status updates, etc. and sends this information to printer4you.com. This enables us to trigger and monitor processes on our portal. For more information, see here.
Yes, the transmitted data packets are transmitted encrypted.
Yes, your network remains secure. You will not be able to access your network from outside by using the client. For more information, see here.
No, we do not have any insights into your printouts. Your printers simply report to our client the number of pages printed, toner levels and error status reports, which are then transmitted to the system in an encrypted form by the client.

ReadyInk by printer4you.com

With this easy-to-use, usage-based solution, you'll never again run out of Epson ink.

ReadyInk by printer4you.com is the name of the technology that detects when your ink runs out. To enable this technology, you must register a suitable printer with an ink refill service supported by ReadyInk by printer4you.com.

After registering, you can continue printing as normal without having to worry about the ink level.

Once the ink level of your printer is low, a notification will be sent. The process for shipping a new ink cartridge is then triggered.

The new ink cartridge will arrive at you before the last one is empty. This ensures that you never run out of ink.
  • The hassle-free, automated system ensures you always have a supply of high-quality ink.
  • Billing is usage-based, so there are no monthly contract payments. An order is only generated when needed a new ink cartridge is needed. Since no contract is concluded, you can deactivate the system at any time.
  • Epson inks and printers are engineered together to give you consistent and reliable results.
  • New ink cartridges can be delivered to a specified address.
The majority of inkjet printers for consumers that have been available since 2014 are eligible for ReadyInk by printer4you.com (with the exception of EcoTank). Here you can check if your Epson printer is compatible for ReadyInk by printer4you.com.
Visit https://www.printer4you.com/en/readyink and check if your printer is suitable for ReadyInk by printer4you.com. If so, you can unlock your ReadyInk by printer4you.com account at printer4you.com. The prerequisite for this is to register at printer4you.com. After unlocking your account at printer4you.com continue printing as usual without worrying about ink levels. The ReadyInk by printer4you.com technology works in the background and detects when the ink level of your printer is low. Once the ink level of your printer reaches a low level, a notification will be sent. The process for shipping a new ink cartridge will then be triggered. The new ink cartridge will arrive at just the right time.
If you would like to add a printer to your ReadyInk by printer4you.com account, please go to the "My Printers" page and click on the "+ Add new printer" link in the top right corner. You will be asked to enter the serial number of your printer. The serial number is checked to make sure your printer is suitable for the service. If it is compatible with the program, you can continue to complete the registration of printer. The printer will appear on the "My Printers" page.
The serial number is located on the side of your printer's packaging or on the back of your device. View an example >> Alternatively, you can download the following software tool [WINDOWS] [MAC] which will recognize and display the serial number. The tool can only be used if the Epson driver for your printer is also installed on your computer.
  • a compatable printer from Epson: Here, you can check if your printer is suitable.
  • an internet conneciton
  • a printer4you.com customer account
Depending on the printer model, you may need to install the following on your computer:

  • the Monitoring Agent: see "What is the Monitoring Agent?" and "Do I Need the Monitoring Agent?" for more information.
  • a current official driver from Epson; you can download a current Epson driver for your printer from the Epson Support website.
If you are using a MAC computer, print using the Epson printer driver instead of the Apple AirPrint driver. Please use the instructions below to install the Monitoring Agent on your MAC computer.
The Monitoring Agent detects the ink levels of your printer and automatically sends them to the Epson server. There is a utility that shows the status.
If your printer is listed below, you must install the Monitoring Agent on your computer.

  • Expression Home XP-212
  • Expression Home XP-215
  • Expression Home XP-225
  • Expression Home XP-235
  • Expression Home XP-245
  • Expression Home XP-247
  • Expression Home XP-312
  • Expression Home XP-315
  • Expression Home XP-322
  • Expression Home XP-325
  • Expression Home XP-332
  • Expression Home XP-335
  • Expression Home XP-342
  • Expression Home XP-345
  • Expression Home XP-412
  • Expression Home XP-415
  • Expression Home XP-422
  • Expression Home XP-425
  • Expression Home XP-432
  • Expression Home XP-435
  • Expression Home XP-442
  • Expression Home XP-445
  • Expression Photo XP-55
  • Expression Photo XP-750
  • Expression Photo XP-760
  • Expression Photo XP-850
  • Expression Photo XP-8500
  • Expression Photo XP-8505
  • Expression Photo XP-860
  • Expression Photo XP-950
  • Expression Photo XP-960
  • Expression Premium XP-510
  • Expression Premium XP-520
  • Expression Premium XP-530
  • Expression Premium XP-540
  • Expression Premium XP-6000
  • Expression Premium XP-6005
  • Expression Premium XP-610
  • Expression Premium XP-615
  • Expression Premium XP-620
  • Expression Premium XP-625
  • Expression Premium XP-630
  • Expression Premium XP-635
  • Expression Premium XP-640
  • Expression Premium XP-645
  • Expression Premium XP-710
  • Expression Premium XP-720
  • Expression Premium XP-810
  • Expression Premium XP-820
  • Expression Premium XP-830
  • Expression Premium XP-900
  • WorkForce Pro WF-3720DWF
  • WorkForce Pro WF-3725DWF
  • WorkForce Pro WF-4630DWF
  • WorkForce Pro WF-4640DTWF
  • WorkForce Pro WF-4720DWF
  • WorkForce Pro WF-4725DWF
  • WorkForce Pro WF-4730DTWF
  • WorkForce Pro WF-4740DTWF
  • Workforce WF-100W
  • WorkForce WF-2630WF
  • WorkForce WF-2650DWF
  • WorkForce WF-2660DWF
  • WorkForce WF-2750DWF
  • WorkForce WF-2760DWF
  • WorkForce WF-3620DWF
  • WorkForce WF-3640DTWF
  • WorkForce WF-7110DTW
  • WorkForce WF-7210DTW
  • WorkForce WF-7610DWF
  • WorkForce WF-7620DTWF
  • WorkForce WF-7710DWF
  • WorkForce WF-7715DWF
  • WorkForce WF-7720DTWF
To make your experience with ReadyInk by printer4you.com as comfortable as possible, we recommend that you install the agent on all computers that you regularly use.
You can download the Monitoring Agent with the following links. [WINDOWS] [MAC]
If your printer is suitable for ReadyInk by printer4you.com but is not listed in the list "Do I need the Monitoring Agent?", it means that the agent is already integrated within your printer's firmware. The integrated monitoring agent requires no maintenance or manual intervention. It will be activated externally after you register your printer. It will also be disabled when you log out of the service.
After signing in to your customer area, go to your ReadyInk by printer4you.com page, go to the My Account section and select the "Lock ReadyInk by printer4you.com Account" button. Alternatively, you can de-register your printer or stop subscribing to the service altogether. Contact us via our contact page or by e-mail.
You can suspend service for a particular printer (see "How do I stop / pause the service?"). If you prefer to completely remove the printer, please send an email with the subject "DEREGISTER" to info@printer4you.com and enter the serial number of the printer for which you wish to cancel the registration. In order for us to respond as soon as possible, please send the email from the address you used when registering.
If you are dissatisfied with the service or simply don't want to participate, please contact our customer service team.
For terms of service for the ReadyInk by printer4you.com service, please see here .

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