Document Management

Organize documents and information, and speed up workflow

Documents are linked in a variety of ways with almost all business processes within the company. They accompany the processes step by step, are processed by one or more employees of different departments and at different locations and must be filed or archived at the end. This applies to documents, drawings, tables, photos and many other formats. Whether digital or still on paper - it is important that you can find them quickly and clearly.

You can support document management systems (DMS) perfectly

However, all documents must be in a digital form. This means you must first digitize the paper documents. With scanners and font recognition software like OCR, this is no longer a problem.

The use of modern multifunctional printing systems (MFP) is a big step forward in the direction of DMS. Use our product consultant and select the MFP system optimized for document management in step 3.

Document Management for Multifunction Devices

Modern DMS solutions have long since grown out of the shoes of pure document management. With this software, you can control information management and business processes throughout the enterprise. The faster provision of all required information and shorter throughput times make your processes more efficient.

DMS essentially provides the following features:

  • Archiving
  • Search
  • Workflow Management
  • Rights Management and Authentication
  • Version control
  • Desktop Publishing

The advantages of document management are convincing

  • You can access documents and information quickly, at any time, from anywhere.
  • With multi-dimensional search capabilities, you can find information in the fastest way.
  • With the automation and optimization of document-based processes, you can increase efficiency and accelerate overall throughput.
  • You gain mobility, become more flexible and can use your resources more efficiently.
  • You can reduce your operating costs noticeably by 50% up to 80%.
  • Dedicated rights protection protects your documents against unauthorized access.

Workflow management is often an integral part of document management solutions. Using workflow management software, you first define the process, for example the processing of requests, and describe the exact sequence in the software specified by the software. This allows you to coordinate even a large number of agents who work spatially distributed on subtasks of the process, And keep an eye on the current processing situation at any time.

Paper workflow slows you down, digitizing with document management is better.

With DMS, you manage, archive, and make electronic documents of all kinds accessible to all business users. In order to include existing paper documents, they must first be digitized, cataloged and categorized using scanners and optical character recognition (OCR). This creates your digital archive, which contains virtually the entire knowledge of the company.

Digital documents have significant advantages:

  • They allow the use, processing and distribution in different IT systems.
  • They can be processed mechanically and thus considerably faster.
  • They can be searched (also word-wise).
  • Your disk space is dramatically lower.

Paper documents retain a higher quality with special features during digitization:

  • Image processing
  • Setting contrasts
  • Filter dirt on the original (specks of dirt or toner etc) )
  • Electronic readability with Optical Character Recognition (OCR software)

Current scanners and MFPs already have some of these features. For larger data sets, it is recommended to use software solutions that perform these functions after scanning. Such solutions offer additional options to classify the paper documents during scanning.

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