All in One Printers in Comparison

Most all-in-one printers combine four functions in one device: printing, copying, scanning and faxing. They might be slightly more expensive than other printers, but they have many advantages and need little space.

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All-in-One Printers - Handy Multifunction Devices

The advantages of an all-in-one printer are clear: you get a compact device at a fair value for money.

    The four main functions at a glance:

  • Printing
  • Copying
  • Scanning
  • Faxing

All-in-one printers are availabel with either four or only three functions. Fact is that the additional faxing function only makes sense if it is used. Many manufacturers offer all-in-one printers with only three functions - printing, scanning and copying.

Epson 4 in 1

One major advantage of all-in-one printers is an easy to manage installation and simple operating. Also the low energy consumption (because you only have one device instead of four) is a plus factor. In general, multifunction printers can be used in businesses and in private households. Businesses which use all-in-one printers should be aware of the printer performance options.


A few Disadvantages

Although the benefits of an all-in-one printer outweigh the disatvantages, there are a few things to consider before purchasing an all-in-one printer. Individual components of the printer are not replacable. In case of a defect, the entire printer must be replaced. Most manufacturers offer a three-year warranty. A defect which occurs within that time frame will be repaired. At you can order an all-in-one printer including a warranty extension for up to 60 months. You can be sure that your printer will be repaired quickly and free of charge in case of a defect.

High Color Print Quality

Hobby photographers may choose an all-in-one printer model with inkjet printing function. In combination with the use of special photo paper, print results will show vivid bright colors and a very good color depth.

Some all-in-one printer models even support borderless printing. If you need to print a lot at a low cost you should choose an inkjet printer. Injet printers and cartridges are relativly low priced. Just be aware that you always loose a few drops of ink when the print nozzles is flushed to prevent the print head from drying out.

Print Pictures

Inkjet or Laser Printer?

If you're considering buying an all-in-one printer, you should think about wether you need an inkjet printer or a laser printer. If you only print occasionally, you should opt for an inkjet printer. Injet printers are able to print documents as well as photos and graphics in a good quality. If you have a high print volume, you should choose a laser printer. Laser printers are efficient on a long-term, what makes them perfect for businesses. Many all-in-one printers also have a WLAN printing option. That means that several employees can use one printer at the same time. In addition, many of the printer models with a WLAN option have a display which can show saved data such as number of copies, fax addresses and numbers.

Save Money

Good Price and Low Consumption

If you are looking for a an all-in-one printer model which uses little energy and offers low printing costs, you should choose an inkjet printer. In addition to the purchase price, you should pay attention to the cost of supplies, especially for ink cartridges. It is advisable to choose a printer models whose color cartridges can be individually refilled. Otherwise the entire cartridge must be changed when only one color is low. Refillable ink cartridges can reduce the cost for supplies.

Easy to Handle and Connect

When comparing different models of all-in-one printers you may also compare how easy they are to work with. Many models are easily connected to a laptop or PC. The WLAN option gives you the possability to print from your smartphone or tablet.

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