Reseller - how it works
You can quickly create an MPS offer and send it directly from the website to your customer.
Your customer looks at your offer directly on the Website, they can easily change and complete the MPS contract 100% online.
3. delivers the printer(s) within 48 hours and registers the service guarantee directly with the manufacturer.
You get commission on the printer and service!
Your customer can order supplies or your printer can automatically trigger orders. Your customer reports a fault with just a few clicks.
5. sends supplies directly to a customer or sends a service technician to a customer.
You receive commission on each order of supplies!

You are always informed and have an overview of your customers

Your customer can modify your offer

If your customer changes your offer, for example by replacing one printer model with another, by changing the contract period or adjusting the print volume, you will be sent an email with a link to your project.

So you can stay in touch with your customer in order to coordinate with them.

Your customer orders MPS

If your customer places your proposed MPS project in his shopping cart and orders the MPS contract, you will receive an email from us.

Your customer can have the printer delivered to you so that you can complete the installation and settle the invoice directly with your customer.

Your customer orders supplies

All orders for consumables can be located in our partner area. Whether your customer has ordered or they were ordered automatically by your customer's printers as part of online management.

The MPS contract expires

6 months before the end of the contract you will receive a first notification email from us. Then, you will get a further two emails until the end of the contracts.

So you can talk to your customer early and either recommend a new contract with new printers or put the existing printers into a follow-up contract.

Who provides the service?

For every printer that we include in an MPS contract, we buy and register a corresponding warranty extension from the manufacturer.

In the event of a breakdown, we instruct the manufacturer and supervise the execution. Who carries out the service is ultimately up to the respective manufacturer.

Your account in the partner area

In our partner area you can:

  • get an overview of your customers
  • Your MPS offers at a glance
  • view the MPS contracts of your customers
  • see your commission statements at a glance
  • utilize the user administrative fuctions within your account
For more information please visit our partner FAQ page.

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