Output Analysis

By output, we mean the entire printing and distribution of documents in your company. In an output analysis, we examine the actual situation and present the results with regard to the technology, processes and costs used. This is followed by the conceptual design of a target situation with clear goals: improving the efficiency of your output processes and, as a result, - sustainable cost reduction and transparency.

Gemeinsam prüfen und verbessern wir den Output Ihrer Geräteflotte

This means that we will put your complete operating environment together with the fleet of equipment and the output of the business processes together with you, and optimize the system step by step. Of course, we also take into account questions of safety, health protection and user acceptance.

We are talking about a bigger and definitely challenging project. When we finish our work, you have the knowledge and armament to continue the process and establish it permanently. In order to achieve your goals in the long term, it is indispensable to regularly assess and further optimize the results you have received. You will thus benefit from the expenditure analysis.

Content of the Output Analysis

Equipment fleet

The equipment fleet includes all output devices, such as printers, copiers, MFP systems, scanners, fax machines. In this context, the footprint of each individual unit is also important. They are frequently subdivided into areas of the office environment and special places. Special points include devices with specific requirements, such as in-box printers, printers with a direct connection to diagnostic devices, label printers, POS printers, large format printers, photo-prints, large house printing machines.

Kaufmännische Anforderungen Output Analyse

Operating environment

The operating environment covers areas which are essential for the operation of the fleet:

  • the IT environment in which the devices are operated.
  • the process environment for business transactions, such as toner or service orders, invoicing of pages, invoice verification of supplier invoices, purchasing.
  • requirements of business processes for the equipment fleet, such as certain formats, certifications, etc.

Management system

Management systems are IT solutions that support the ongoing operation technologically in order to automate processes while ensuring transparency and security at the highest level. Typical systems are:

  • fleet management
  • security management
  • contract management

Commercial requirements

These include billing methods in contracts, analysis of existing contracts, comparison of purchase and leasing (rental), counter-delivery of invoicing and credit notes.

Requirements for SLA (Service Level Agreement) are also to be described here, in particular:

  • Reaction and recovery times.
  • Reduce or increase the number of units in the fleet.
  • Ready to use the devices.
  • Handling changes to locations and equipment
  • Training for users and IT department.
  • Requirements for reporting.

New services

The service concept is taken from the Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) best practice approach of ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library). Business processes require IT services support. The MPS (managed print service) is such an IT service. The support is aimed specifically at new functions and the elimination of existing restrictions. With regard to the output analysis, this applies, for example:

  • Mobile Printing
  • Follow Me Printing
  • Scan functions with connection to existing systems
  • Billing system

Typical flow of an output analysis

0. Prior to starting

First, we define with you the contents and objectives of the analysis. We use a checklist to examine the individual components and work them out in detail. In a project schedule, we represent the steps of the output analysis so that they are easy to control. A contact matrix ensures that all persons who have influence on the result of the output analysis know their tasks and communicate correctly.

1. Record the actual status

All relevant data is collected here in order to display the actual situation as defined in the content. All devices, including commercial data, are inventoried. In this phase, we are at your site, enter all rooms where equipment is located and conduct discussions with employees, employee representatives, IT, purchasing and management.

2. Analysis of the actual state

In this phase, we examine the data, analyze it and present it. You will receive the first draft of this presentation for examination, discussion and confirmation.

3. Target concept

On the basis of the agreed content, we develop the first modular concept of the target concept to discuss and improve the concept with you. As a rule, several versions of the design are created in this phase, until all pages agree.

4. Discussion

The communication process begins during work on the target concept and is now intensively pursued until the final acceptance of the analysis of the actual situation and concludes with a final decision on the targeted concept.

5. Presentation and transfer of results

Now the work is done and we would like to present you the results in a bigger round:

  • Core findings of the output analysis.
  • Strategic orientation of the target concept.
  • Benefits for business processes.

All documents created in the project are sent electronically. We also supply the most important modules as modifiable files. This allows you to carry out further steps very quickly and easily, such as the creation of a service list for a tender.

Why are we convinced by the need for an output analysis?

Despite all digitization, numerous studies confirm the continuous increase in the number of printed and distributed documents in companies. Thus, the output environment will continue to be a critical cost factor. In order to optimize them and thus reduce costs, you need one thing above all: transparency. This means a full overview of who is printing where and how much in your company day by day and what costs actually arise. An output analysis provides the ideal platform for this. It does not end with the description of the actual state, but with a target concept that contains both objectives and concrete ways, measures and measurement criteria with which you can check the achievement of your goals.

Gemeinsam analysieren und optimieren wir Ihre Druckkosten nachhaltig

We are sure that with an output analysis, we will also be able to discover and exploit optimization potential. Please send us the completed contact form. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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