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The subject of these terms and conditions is the trusting and lasting cooperation between specialist resellers, IT consultants and technical service partners with Retailers and IT consultants use the services of to provide their customers with best-practice-optimized, cost-effective MPS conditions in the printing environment. In addition, collaboration through service technician registration enhances's responsiveness and staffing levels for each partner. The following agreements are formulated for documentation and as a basis for this cooperation.

General and scope

The partner conditions apply to all our contractual relationships with our partners (specialist resellers / IT consultants / service partners). Deviating terms and conditions of our partners are not valid. Within the framework of all contractual relationships between and our partners, the terms of the partnership also become part of every contract, even if we have not expressly informed you in advance of their inclusion in the contract.

Partner shops MPS will provide partners with a partner account after signing up for all their partners' activities, as well as the content and development of the MPS contracts signed by the partner through All the services of for the partners are free of charge. The respective partner uses all possibilities of for their own consultation as well as the preparation of an offer. If a customer of the partner orders the MPS project proposed to him by the partner at, the partner receives a net commission of 10% on the respective order value. The commission calculation also applies to all consumables for the ordered goods purchased from the respective customer via

All commissions of a partner will be settled on the 15th of a month based on a commission statement for the previous month for all delivered products of existing and new MPS contracts by an identical credit note. The amount of the commission will be paid plus the respective statutory value added tax to the account named by the partner. The credit will be provided electronically by e-mail.

Service partner submits specific offers for a specified service order on the transmission details specified by the service partners. All offers from are non-binding and can be withdrawn at any time without giving specific reasons and before a confirmation of withdrawal to the service partner, in order to ensure a timely processing of the respective error message. After confirming the service order, the service partner is obliged to process the service order immediately in accordance with the respectively agreed reaction times, to report the execution of the service order stating the respective working time and any spare parts used and to issue the respective service calculation. As part of the service order, the service partner will receive € 48.00 net and € 12.00 net for each employee's working time per commenced 10 minutes as part of the repair of MPS A4 equipment and € 16.00 (net) per 10 minutes commenced for the repair of MPS-A3 equipment. If necessary, the service partner charges 80% of the current daily market price (net).

The Service Partner warrants that the regulations of the General Service Contract Conditions are considered during the processing of service orders. The service contents and other obligations of the respective service partners to correspond to the current contents of the general service contract conditions In addition, the statutory provisions apply.


Further ancillary agreements do not apply to and the partners. Any changes or additions to the agreements require a written form to be legally effective. The same applies to the waiver of the written form requirement. In the event of the ineffectiveness of one or more provisions, and its partners will take a legally effective substitute provision as economically as possible, which will come closest to the invalid provision. Jurisdiction for any disputes in connection with all business relations between printer4you and the partners is Berlin.

As at: 05.01.2017

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