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Frequently asked questions about our Printer All Inclusive packages

Yes, you can choose to order for 12, 24 or 36 months.
No, if you have paid all monthly fees and compensated all other contract claims, ownership of the printer passes to you free of any third party rights. The printer will be yours.
No, the contract ends automatically. The printer is yours and you can continue printing without any interruption.
The printers are new and unused.
Yes, private customers are not excluded from the program.
Yes, resellers can use or sublet the printer themselves.
No matter what you order, if the order reaches us by 2pm, you will usually receive your items on the next working day. The same applies to automatic orders of new supplies through our printer supplies management.
You can pay the monthly fees either by SEPA direct debit, credit card subscription or PayPal. When ordering please select your preferred payment method.
Yes, please contact our customer service. If you find that you have ordered a package, which is too large, we will change your contract to a smaller package.
We check every three months how many pages you have printed. If you print more pages and exceed the available package volume in one quarter, the additional pages you have printed will be recalculated according to the agreed prices per page. You will receive a detailed and transparent invoice from us.
If you do not use the selected package volume in one quarter, we will automatically carry the unused package volume forward to the next quarter. You are not losing any money by printing less.
No, you use the printer as part of the all-inclusive package. At the end of the contract period we will give you the printer as a gift if you want to keep it and not return it.
No, in contrast to a leasing contract, you automatically acquire ownership of the printer after the contract ends.
Yes, all fees are deductible business expenses.
If you do not use our client-software and we are unable to automatically read the counter of your printer, you are required to cooperate.
No, if you are not using our Online Management, you will receive an e-mail request to report counter readings every three months during the contract period. You can enter the counter reading in the customer portal via a link provided in the e-mail or send us the reading by email. Please do so no later than two weeks after receiving the e-mail.
Yes, you can install and use options, extensions etc. in our printers if they are handled properly in accordance with the instructions of the respective manufacturer.

Do you have any further questions about Printer All Inclusive?

Do not hesitate to call us: +49 3304 2472-770 (Mon - Fri | 7:00am - 4:00pm) or send us an e-mail: You are welcome to use our contact form for your inquiry.

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