Rent a printer

Instead of purchasing a printer, you can rent your desired printer from us. You pay a fixed monthly fee and get not only the printer, but also ink or toner and services - all inclusive. After the contract period the printer belongs to you!

Fixed monthly Fee

you own the printer after the contract period

Ink and Toner Included

customizable package sizes

Including Repair Service

service in case of printer failure

Choose your monthly print volume - this is how you find the right printer

DIN A4 is standard.

Scan destinations

Double-sided scan (duplex)

More scan features

Dimensions in centimeters


Weight in kilograms


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Let your printers order ink and toner by themselves. This service is free!

Why rent a Printer - Is it worth it?

Investing in a new printer or an all-in-one device often means a high and sometimes impossible financial expence. A set of new toner or ink cartridges must be ordered shortly after the printer is purchased. These costs can quickly amount to several hundred GBP. If the printer has a defect, repair can be expensive too. In addition, the failure of the printer causes delays in business operation - a quick and professional repair is essential.

The ideal solution - our printer All Inclusive Program.

Our offer:

  • A fixed monthly fee.
  • Contract duration: 12, 24 or 36 months.
  • The printer belongs to you after the contract end!
  • Costs for ink or toner are already included.
  • Repair service included.
  • You choose the appropriate package 1-3 that fits to your print volume or calculate your own package size no. 4 individually.
  • If you print less in one month than you thought, we will transfer the unused pages to the next month.
  • If you print more than planned you pay a fixed price for the extra pages, which will be clear to you before contract conclusion.

Which Printers can I rent?

You will find over 500 printer models of all leading printer manufacturers in our online shop. You have the choice between different technologies and functionalities. Whether you need a multifunction printer, a color laser printer or a photo printer - you can rent every device in our range all inclusive.


Printer Rental - Who benefits?

Anyone who likes to, can rent a printer from us. No matter if you are a private person, a small business or a big company. Our Printer All Inclusive Program is suitable for anyone who wants to plan financially in the long term and avoid high one-off costs. You can use our online printer consultant to find the right printer model for you. On the product page you can then find out exactly how much the printer will cost per month. Select package 1, 2 or 3 according on how much you think you will print per month, or enter your individual requirements directly. You can rent a printer from us starting at £5 per month. High investment in new supplies such as ink or toner are a thing of the past. You pay a fixed monthly amount and can print inexpensively in the long term.

Rent a Printer: It's that easy

Our All Inclusive Program can be easily adapted to your individual reqirements. On our printer product pages, you have the option to either purchase the printer or to opt for rent. For each printer we offer 3 packages, you can choose which one fits best to your print volume. Alternatively, you can enter your monthly print volume individually and our system calculates the monthly package price online. The printer belongs to you at the end of the contract period! You do not have to cancel the contract, it ends automatically. You will automatically acquire ownership of the printer without any final installment.

Our All Inclusive Program compared to other Printer Rental Offers

More and more businesses are choosing to rent printers and appreciate the financial benefits, such as maintaining their liquidity. Not only businesses, but also private users can rent a printer and do not have to bear the big financial burden of purchasing a device. When renting a printer, the fixed costs can be adapted exactly to your own requirements. You can simply select a suitable package size for your print volume. also provides the customer with supplies for the printer. In the event of technical problems, a vast network of service technicians can react promptly and guaranty that the printer is operational at all times. When renting a printer, users do not have to worry about prolonged printer failure. As part of a service contract, the printer is either repaired in the shortest possible time or replaced in case of major errors with an equivalent model. After the contract period, the device belongs to you - you do not have to return the printer, you acquire it by paying evenly distributed monthly fees. No hidden costs and no high Final installment!

What are the differences between the All Inclusive Program and other printer rental offers?

  • Low financial investment
  • Fast and online
  • Fixed monthly fee
  • No settlement fee
  • No deposit for the printer
  • No additional costs for repairs
  • Free delivery of original ink and toner as needed
  • The contract ends without cancellation
  • In the end the printer is yours
  • Semi or fully-automatic ordering of ink and toner

Printer Rental

  • Low financial investment
  • Often only on request
  • Fixed monthly fee
  • Settlement fee
  • Deposit for the printer
  • No additional costs for repairs
  • Delivery of original ink and toner costs extra
  • Contract is renewed automatically
  • You have to return the printer
  • No semi or fully-automatic ordering of ink and toner

Our All Inclusive Program offers all the advantages of printer rental offers as well as many other benefits that make our offer unique on the market.

Printer Rental - The most important facts

  • To rent a printer means that you pay small, monthly fees over a long period of time and do not have a high one-time expenses.
  • The fees can be flexibly adapted to your individual needs.
  • Because of small fees you won't have liquidity problems or a financial bottleneck.
  • Especially expensive printer models can be rented at low cost.
  • You do not have to worry about supplies for your printer or repairs.

    Do you have further questions?

    Do you have further questions or would you like a personal purchase advice? Don't hesitate to contact our service team for free at 03304 2472-770 (Mo. - Fri. | 8:00am - 5:00pm). Alternatively, you can contact us by e-mail:

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