Become part of a strong alliance

Become part of a strong alliance

You profit in various places

Service companies sometimes don't have enough work to keep their teams busy. With us you get more service orders.

You register as a service partner free of charge and create your service technicians in the next step.

We distribute service orders to our service partners on a daily basis and maybe you will be one of them tomorrow.

Why we should cooperate

Utilization for your technicians

You receive additional repair orders from us, which you can accept or reject. In this way, you decide for yourself how to organize your working day.

You receive 80% of the turnover

In Germany we charge 15 Euro (net) for 10 minutes for A4 devices and 20 Euro (net) for A3 devices. For the journey we charge uniform flat rates, in Germany e.g. 60 Euro plus VAT. You will receive 80 percent of each.

New customers

You get to know new customers in your region, who are more likely to look for service providers on the Internet. Our portal is very well visited when it comes to printers.

You find colleagues

You can use our database to do your own research on technicians you might want to hire directly. In this way, you can serve supra-regional customers, even abroad.

How it works

  1. You register as a partner free of charge and select "service partner".

  2. You create your technicians including location, radius of action and qualifications (for printer models).

  3. You receive a ticket with the fault message, which you can accept or reject.

  4. You contact the customer to arrange an appointment.

  5. You complete a job and notify us in our ticket system.

  6. We bill the customer, you bill us.

What our customers say

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