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Printer cartridges are a part of everyday office supplies.

Even though there is a high demand for the items, within our huge assortment we offer you many versions and options for of all current manufacturers. For example, you can find printer cartridges from well-known brands such as Brother and Canon, Dell, Epson and HP or Kyocera, Lexmark, Ricoh and Samsung. The printer cartridges for many printers manufacturers can also be ordered at a favourable price in a full-service contract. For more details, see here.

Ink cartridges

Ink cartridges (ink) are required for printers that use the inkjet printing system, i.e. inkjet printers, also called inkjet printers, and corresponding multifunction devices. The explanations are mainly used in smaller offices and agencies. There are, however, more and more inkjet printers on the market that are specifically designed for medium-sized and large companies. These impress with a professional print quality which has lower printing costs compared to a laser printer.

Ink cartridges are available in classic black as well as in different basic colours or colour complexes. How many colour cartridges a printer can accommodate depends on the model. Easier output can accommodate three pieces, while more comprehensive devices can accommodate even six colours.
From the integrated basic colors, the printer mixes tens of millions of shades to reproduce print motifs as realistically as possible. Basically, it is recommended to choose printers where the ink cartridges can be replaced individually (single-ink cartridges). Multicolor ink cartridges (compact cartridges) always require a change, if only one of the basic colors is empty, thus the remaining ink of the other basic colors is thrown away.


Toner cartridges are often referred to as cartridges, toner cartridges, toner cartridges or simply toner. All terms are the same as the office article.

However, the term "toner" simply refers to the dyestuff, which is a very fine, dry powder, so that it can not dry up even when the printer is left idle for a long time. This is an advantage over the ink cartridges. Although "toner", in itself, means "only" the dye, the term is usually used as a synonym for a toner cartridge or cartridges.

There are two types of toner cartridges - compact toner cartridges and toner cartridges with a separate drum unit.

A compact toner cartridge, or a one-component toner consists of a toner container, a magnetic roller, a residual toner container, a photo-conductor with a scraper and a PCR roller. When such a cartridge is replaced, the image drum is also replaced.

The image drum transfers the colour particles from the toner to the paper. For this purpose, it initially charges statically, which repels the ionized toner particles. At the places where the particles are to adhere, the drum is discharged via laser beam or LED exposure. Thereafter, the paper to be printed is advanced past the developing unit. It absorbs the powder adhering to the drum. In the next step, the paper is heated by the fixing station so that the toner particles stably adhere to the printout. The fusing station also creates the higher energy requirements of laser printers compared to ink devices.

The second type are the two-component toners. As the name suggests, such toners consist of two components: the toner container and separate drum unit. Therefore, in the case of the separate drum unit, you usually only need to change the empty toner tank. This is required after approximately 1,500 to 15,000 prints. The drum is associated with a higher yield. It masters between 2,500 and 80,000 prints, until it has to be replaced. Two-component tweeters are usually cheaper thanks to a separate drum unit.

Dealing with toner - you should know!
  • Toner cartridges are hazardous waste and must be disposed of properly accordingly.
  • The toner cartridges must always be stored in a dry, dark and cool place.
  • Since toner and paper dust can accumulate inside the printer during printer operation, regular printer maintenance is recommended. This can be done by manually by a person with a device, or by service staff on a maintenance or full-service contract.

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Other printer accessories

In addition to printer cartridges and toner, there are also printer accessories at that ensure a smooth printing process. We carry many replacement and supplementary products such as paper cassettes, maintenance and transfer kits, residual toner containers and printer cabinets.

Of course, the paper also acts as an important printer accessory. Depending on whether you have inkjet or laser printers in use, you should consider different aspects with regard to paper selection. In an inkjet printer, it is essential to favour coated paper and photo-paper. In a normal printer paper, the rough surface may cause the paper to suck in the ink and curl through the moisture or to begin to curl during drying. The situation is different in the case of laser printers: the absorbency of the paper is irrelevant. In general, however, you should avoid using wrong or inferior paper to keep your printer's repair and maintenance costs low.

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